Shalom Festival wants to spread the truth about Israel, combat antisemitism

The Shalom Festival is a joint initiative by Christian and Jewish organisations, whose aims are to (1) to develop an inter-religious dialogue for co-existence, (2) to be a voice for Israel and the Jewish community in Europe, and (3) to stand for the rights of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

The Return of the “Jewish Conspiracy” and 5 Things the Christian Can Do to Combat It

Ok, so in the minds of the theorists it never went away, but it is becoming much easier for antisemites to voice these insane theories in public with little to no reproach. For example, recently, the Jerusalem Post reported that a senior rebel leader claimed, “Ukraine’s Jews are responsible for the Euromaidan revolution that ousted their country’s pro-Russian president last year.”
Oliver Melnick Source Twitter
PM Netanyahu Source: Twitter