Hendricks’s Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement Tackles the Arab-Israeli Conflict

News stories like the PCUSA having ties with terrorist organizations, their BDS efforts and even them voting on whether or not to take out the word “Israel” from their prayer books might cause one to reflect with disappointment on the state of Christian/Jewish relations today, specifically with regards to Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Knesset event honoring the 100 year connection of American Jewry and Israel . (photo credit:HAIM ZACH/GPO)

Dispelling Myths about Christians Who Support Israel

While I believe there are dedicated and godly believers on both sides and try stay positive, it is becoming increasingly difficult. There are a growing number of untruths being promoted in the debate, and I am sorry to say that the rhetoric is also becoming harsher in tone. This is why I want to take a moment and try and shed more light than heat on five of these critical untruths.