Every State for Israel – Petition

Dear President Obama,

I am a loyal American who is concerned for the nation of Israel, our most strategic ally in the Middle East. The recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza shows how vulnerable Israel is to internal attack, world opinion and decreasing international support.

Israel has always relied upon the United States and our country upon Israel. We are more than allies, we are partners in freedom and the pursuit of liberty. Along with multiple thousands of other U.S. citizens, we want to encourage you to maintain our historic commitments to Israel, especially in light of the difficulties of the recent conflict.

I also want you to know that I am a Christian and believe the Bible teaches that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. I also believe that when we bless the nation of Israel that God will bless our nation as well (Genesis 12:1-3).

Thank you for supporting Israel and be assured of our prayers for you and your family.



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  1. norma glick
    norma glick says:

    Let’s have an end to the killings in Israel.
    Let us get our government behaving in a protected way for the state of Israel.
    We Americans care and are for the freedom and peace of the state of Israel.
    They need our support and help.
    Lets get going already to help PM Netanyahu in his plight to save Israel.

  2. norma glick
    norma glick says:

    I am very concerned about the state of Israel. What are you doing to help the situation.?
    If anything.
    I am from Arizona. There are many americans
    who are worried about what is going to happen and is happening to Israel right now.
    What is with O’Bama? Is he anti-jew?
    We cannot have this kind of treachery going on in our government.
    It has got to stop.

  3. Diana Osborne
    Diana Osborne says:

    Praying for Obama and other leaders of authority for God to soften their hearts and minds and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Praying for Revival in America. Praying for God to soften the hearts and minds of the Jewish people and all people. Praying for God to protection over all of us. Praying for peace for Jerusalem daily. Praying for God’s peace overall of us. God needs to intervene on our behalf. Praying for Benjamin Netanyahu and over all Israel for God’s protection and peace and for God’s comfort. Praying for God’s wisdom and for God to be mighty and to save, heal, and deliver. God loves all people. Praying for all people for a soften hearts and minds to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. God is in control and God is Sovereign. Love and prayers, Diana Osborne

  4. Linda Palucci
    Linda Palucci says:

    I signed but I don’t think any thing we say or do will influence obama, he is on a path to destroy this country and don’t care what we say. He hasn’t listened to anything we’ve said yet.

  5. Rebecca Stewart
    Rebecca Stewart says:

    I will, personally, always stand with Israel! The Bible is specific on God’s chosen people, the descendants of Abraham through his son, Issac, with wife Sarah. Not only did our God promise Abraham that He would multiply his descendants as the stars of heaven and as sand which is on the seashore, BUT He also told Abraham that his descendants would, “Possess the Gate of their enemies!” As I have read and studied God’s word, it is my understanding that in ancient times, most cities were walled for the protection of the inhabitants against an enemy. The structure protecting the gate was the most vital, so therefore whoever possessed the gate, essentially possessed the city!

    As oppossed as I am to negotiating with terrorists, including the nation of Iran, let us never forget and always trust God in that the Nation of Israel will be in charge of the gate of their enemy! Israel will be in charge of the gates of any/all enemies they may encounter. Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! The Nation of Israel must not allow their faith in the One True God to be shaken by Iran, who places their faith in a false prophet!

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