Stand with Israel Petition

We must not turn our backs on Israel!

Sign the petition — STOP taxpayer funding of the terrorist Palestinian Authority!   

The threat to Israel — and America — is so real and so horrifying. We need your help to STOP it!

I’m Dr. Mitch Glaser, President of Chosen People Ministries — the outreach which supports Israel and shares the Gospel and compassionate aid with Jewish people around the world.

Right now, I am asking you to stand strong for Israel by signing our congressional petition to cut off U.S. taxpayer funding to the Palestinian Authority, the sworn enemies of Israel’s existence!

The PA has broken with the Oslo Peace Accords, essentially declaring war on Israel.

U.S. President Obama has seemingly turned his back on our staunch ally, Israel, and allows our government to send $400 MILLION of your tax dollars to the PA every year!

  1. $400 million for an organization which is officially partnered with Hamas, a notorious terror group openly committed to the annihilation of the Jewish people.
  2. They have attacked Jewish children and families repeatedly, firing missiles over the border into Israel.
  3. They have also used their own children and families as “human shields” by launching missiles from ordinary neighborhoods — so Israel’s military would risk killing civilians if they tried to destroy the launch points.

These terrorists are an enemy of Israel and an enemy of the USA. We are giving U.S. tax dollars to people who want to destroy us … and destroy God’s Chosen People, too. This must STOP!

This is why I’m asking you, as a friend of Israel:

Please add your name to the petition to your elected leaders in Congress.

Thank you for standing with us to defend Israel! Your signature on the online petition and your generous gift will make an important impact.

Yours in Messiah,

Dr. Mitch Glaser



This Petition is Closed


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