Dear Governor Brown and President Napolitano,

As Bible-believing Christians, we appreciate your efforts to curtail antisemitism on the University of California campuses, yet we are still concerned about the impact anti-Israeli advocates have had on the students and faculty of numerous UC campuses. At times, their actions and rhetoric have led to acts of blatant antisemitism and the harassment of Jewish students.

For example, in the early part of 2015 the following incidents occurred:

  • January 2015: two large swastikas were spray-painted on the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity house at the UC Davis campus.[1]
  • March 2015: On the Berkley Campus, graffiti stating: “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber” was found in a university bathroom.[2]
  • March 2016: Students for Justice in Palestine erected an “Apartheid Wall” at the Long Beach campus, falsely accusing Israel of apartheid.[3]

Even the University of California’s rejection [4] of a partial draft report proposed by the California State Board of Regents recognized the thin line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

The statement reads,

Anti-Semitism, antisemitic forms of anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California.[5]

This thin line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism is defined by an accepted “antisemitism test.”[6]

We believe you should consider the following action steps:

  • We believe it is the obligation of the University of California to create a safe and civil atmosphere for political debate.
  • We believe it to be the duty of the University of California leadership to carefully monitor anti-Israel activities on UC campuses and provide a safe academic environment for Jewish students.
  • We believe that anti-Zionist groups which are stirring racial hatred against Jewish students, simply because they are Jewish, is an offense to all freedom-loving Americans and especially to those who believe the Bible and view the Jewish people as God’s covenant people. They should be sanctioned for perpetrating antisemitic statements and acts.

As concerned Californians, we will continue to pray for and remind you of your duty to protect the thousands of Jewish students who make up, on average, 13% of the University of California campuses.[7]


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Double Standards: More often than not double standards are applied to Israel and criticism is selectively applied; Demonization of Israel: False comparisons of Israeli leaders to Nazis or false accusations of apartheid practices; De-legitimization of Jewish Self-determination: This happens when Israel is libeled as a European usurper and the 4,000 year Jewish connection to the Land of Israel is denied. See: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Jewish Political Studies Review 16:3-4 (Fall 2004) Accessed at
Insider’s Guide To College Life Admissions “Top 60 Schools Jews Choose” accessed via

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