Shalom Festival wants to spread the truth about Israel, combat antisemitism


The Shalom Festival is a joint initiative by Christian and Jewish organisations, whose aims are to (1) to develop an inter-religious dialogue for co-existence, (2) to be a voice for Israel and the Jewish community in Europe, and (3) to stand for the rights of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. They have been successful in organizing events and festivals that promote pro-Israel views and “proclaim boldly that Israel is a democracy which celebrates multiculturalism and friendship with people from around the world”, says Ruth Isaac, Communications & Media Manager for the Shalom Festival.

The organizers of the Shalom Festival want to broaden their initiatives to include fighting antisemitism. In a appeal letter, Isaac writes, “Jewish people are facing a new level of anti-Semitism and we have a responsibility to stand with them. Christians, in particular, are the strongest supporters of Israel and their voice really matters. We count on them to carry the message of Shalom and let the world know that the propaganda and lies against Israel are false and only lead to more terrorism.”

The Shalom Festival encourages spiritual leaders and representatives of every community  to fight against antisemitism and all forms of religious extremism in the world. President of the Belgian Coalition for Israel, André Gantman, says  “Peace is not achieved by being passive, but demands a collective commitment to fundamental human values of diversity and respect for each other’s identity.”



(English translation provided in the video)

For more information on the Shalom Festival, visit them on the web and LIKE them on Facebook to keep in touch.

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