Israel & Iran face confrontation…in Syria?

After an Iranian drone was detected in Israeli airspace, the Israeli military responded by striking 12 military targets in Syria, some of which belonged to Iran. During the retaliation, an Israeli F-16 was brought down after coming under fire from Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. While Iran has a history of backing proxy militias in the region, Israel is determined to prevent it from spreading.

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Mattis: Israel has ‘absolute right to defend itself’ against Iran

Following Israel’s military actions in Syria last weekend, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis showed his full support for the State of Israel while condemning Iran’s involvement in the region. Mattis firmly stated, “Everywhere we find trouble in the Middle East, you find the same thing behind it. Whether it be in Yemen or Beirut, or in Syria, in Iraq, you always find Iran engaged .”

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Persecuted Muslim minority finds freedom in Israel

Kababir village, located in the northern Israeli town of Haifa, is home to over 1400 Ahmadi Muslims. Although a persecuted minority in the Middle East, the Ahmadiyya community has full religious and cultural freedom in Israel. In fact, they worship in the only Ahmadi mosque in the region.

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The UN needs a fact check on Palestine

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, addressed the 2018 opening session of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (“CEIRPP”). There was only one problem…he got some of his facts wrong. David Singer, an Australian lawyer and Zionist, outlines three examples of anti-Israel bias given in the speech.

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Indictment Recommendations for Netanyahu

On Tuesday, Israeli police recommended indictment charges of corruption and bribery for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister vowed he would be vindicated, and said, “This will end in nothing.”

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Israel & Egypt Fight ISIS, Forge Quiet Alliance

Israel and Egypt have formed a covert counterterrorism alliance to fight the rise of the Islamic State in Sinai. The rise of Islamic militant groups has helped forge quiet partnerships between Israel and its longtime Arab adversaries.

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Israeli Man Stabbed to Death in West Bank

An Israeli man was stabbed to death in a terror attack outside the city of Ariel. The victim, Itamar Ben Gal, taught at a Yeshiva in Har Bracha, his hometown. Hamas responded by saying the attack is proof the “knife Intifada” has not died down.

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Polish President Signs Controversial Holocaust Bill

Last week the Polish government passed a bill outlawing talk of Polish complicity with the Nazi’s in World War II, saying the law is needed to protect the reputation of Polish citizens. Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennet condemned the bill saying, “The blood of Polish Jews cries from the ground, and no law will silence it.”

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Flying to Israel from India? You Can Now Travel Through Saudi Airspace!

For the past 70 years, the Saudi government has banned flights headed to Israel from using its airspace. But now for the first time, Air India flights headed to Israel are allowed to use Saudi airspace. With a young, ambitious Crown Prince shaking up foreign policy in Saudi Arabia, the decision signifies warmer ties between the two countries.

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Are Evangelical Christians Anti-Palestinian?

Author Joel C. Rosenberg, a founding member of the Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem, responds to the question by stating, “To the contrary, Scripture teaches us to love both Arabs and Jews.” Rosenberg based his remarks on a new survey commissioned by the Alliance and conducted by Lifeway Research on Evangelical attitudes towards Israel.

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